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Web design and development continues to be our core service offering, and has been since the birth of the company in 1998. That means we have lived and worked through all the technological milestones that have occurred in the past decade and we have learned the best ways to put sites together. While there are many ways to build websites, there are only a few 'smart' ways to build them. We place importance on the ability to expand, update and grow your website as your business grows, so we usually incorporate modular aspects to the foundation of all sites we build. It's easier to build a site right from the ground up then to try to retrofit one later.


Staying on top of technology has always been important to us. That is why we can build sites that are as future-proofed as possible. If you hire us to develop your site, you can be assured that you will get one that not only functions flawlessly, but LOOKS great too. After all, we don't look good if YOU don't look good. The only way we have stayed in business all these years is by making sites that impress people. In fact, 90% of our business over the past 15 years has been referral business, and that is showing no signs of changing anytime soon.


During the build of your website, you can be included in the process as much as you want to be. We enjoy explaining the steps and processes as we go. In fact, we prefer to have a solid, creative relationship with our clients because it just makes development that much better! Communication is key to this process. We will begin by doing our best to learn as much as we can about your enterprise or business. We will invite you to show us other sites that you like, or to give us any design notes or ideas that you may have. We will then work with you to create just the right 'look and feel' for your website, one that properly reflects your image and brand. We may suggest things you haven't thought of. It all tends to work best when we act as partners in your industry.



A Responsive Website? What Does That Mean?

All websites we build are responsive. Other companies love to make this a 'feature' and charge additional for it, however we see it as a basic inclusion and an essential capability of any modern website.


The word "responsive" refers to the website's ability to respond to whatever type of operating system that the viewer may be using. Believe it or not, smartphones have their own operating systems just like PC's and Macs do. Additionally, a responsive website has a layout structure that adapts, automatically, according to whatever type of monitor it is being viewed on.


For the first time in history, there are more mobile than desktop users accessing the internet. This audience expects feature-rich websites that respond to touch, the dimensions of their mobile device’s screen, and contain information that is relevant to them on-the-go. When building a responsive website, it’s important to consider not only the technological needs of your mobile audience, but also their information needs; quick product info, account access, and location finding are all vital features for a mobile site.


Responsive design isn’t just about shrinking a website; it’s also about providing content that is the most relevant to the mobile user.


Ironically, moving to a smaller device isn’t a herald of a loss in quality — exactly the opposite. Tablets and smartphones are ushering in a new era of HD displays, most notably pioneered by Apple’s Retina technology. High definition screens have 4x the resolution of normal computer screens, which can make your current web graphics look fuzzy. It will be important to keep ahead of the trend and begin converting your website to support high definition in order to prevent corporate brands from looking stale and outdated.


From a maintenance perspective, a responsive website is also the best way to keep information consistent across devices. While many companies opt to create a separate mobile-only website, it can become very easy for the two sites to get out of sync, sometimes to the point where information is absent, out of date, or even conflicting.


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